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    At Riverside Animal Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services and take pride in putting in extra effort to ensure your pets get the quality care they deserve.

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    Your One-Stop Shop to Keep Your Pet Healthy

    All of the veterinary services your pets need.

    Our vets in Riverside offer all the core veterinary services your pet needs to stay healthy, from wellness exams and vaccinations, to dental care, and geriatrics.

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Dog Veterinarian in Riverside

Keeping Pets Healthy

Core Services

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Kitten Veterinarian in Riverside

Effective Treatment


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Advanced Testing

Diagnostics & Lab

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Welcoming New Patients

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Welcome to Our Riverside Animal Hospital

Riverside Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that offers comprehensive medical services for cats and dogs in Riverside and the surrounding areas.

From preventative care and surgery to medical boarding, we can meet all of your pet's health needs in one place thanks to our broad and varied service offering. We provide compassionate care for companion animals from across Riverside and have developed a reputation over the years for quality, professional care. 

Whether you are bringing your pet in to see us for the first time, or have been depending on our veterinary team for years, we will treat your animal as our own.

About Our Hospital

Service Delivered With Expertise

Quality, Integrity, Compassion & Service

At our Riverside Animal Hospital, we offer a wide range of veterinary services for your pet. From regular checkups and vaccinations to medical boarding and emergency care, we've got all the services you need for your pet.

Preventive Care

Vaccinations and parasite prevention medication for your cat or dog.

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Wellness Exams

Pet checkups to help keep your furry companion happy and healthy. 

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Dental Care

Preventative and restorative pet dental care to resolve oral health issues for your pet.

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Emergency & Urgent Care

Immediate and urgent emergency veterinary care for cats and dogs in our community.

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Health Certificates for Travel

Get a healthcare certificate your dog or cat.

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Hospice & End of Life Care

Compassionate hospice and end-of-life care. We treat your pet with dignity and offer comfort.

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Veterinary Services in Riverside
Testimonials from our clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Dr. Estrada is the best. A lot of other places are hesitant with pit bulls and she has always been professional and outstanding. My dog loves going to the vet and enjoys seeing the staff.
    Andrew R.
Pet wellness plans in Riverside
Veterinary Shop in Riverside

Learn From Our Vets' Experience

Tips & Advice From Riverside Animal Hospital Team

Whether you are looking for advice about parasite protection or information on common pet illnesses, our informative blogs feature helpful tips and advice from our Riverside vets that will help you to keep your pets healthy.

Giardia in Cats

Giardia in Cats

Diarrhea is a fairly common gastrointestinal issue seen in cats, but it can sometimes be indicative of an underlying health issue. Here, our Riverside vets share the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Giardia in cats.

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Giardia in Dogs

Giardia in Dogs

Giardia is a parasite that can infect dogs, cats, and humans, and cause a condition called Giardiasis. Here, our Riverside vets explain what Giardia is, the symptoms of this parasite, how it spreads, and how it should be treated.

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Cat Breeds That Live the Longest

Cat Breeds That Live the Longest

If you're considering welcoming a cat into your family, you might be considering what breed of cat will be a companion with you longer. Our Riverside veterinarians have put together this list of cat breeds that live longer and would be good pets for you.

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Aging Cats: When Is a Cat Considered a Senior?

Aging Cats: When Is a Cat Considered a Senior?

Thanks to advancements in veterinary care and medicine, our beloved cats are living longer than ever, some even becoming super senior cats. In this post, our Riverside vets share what to expect as your cat ages and tips on how to care for your senior kitty.

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Riverside Animal Hospital is proud to serve clients and their pets throughout our community.

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*Important: We do not see Urgent Care cases before 9 am.

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Riverside Animal Hospital is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of Riverside companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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